Why Us

Our Heritage

SolCurry was born out of a need for Indian dining options in Southern California that e mphasize premium, high-end ingredients while truly representing our cultural heritage, history , and cuisine, particularly emphasizing the authenticity and homecooked flavors. We craft everything at SolCurry with care and we want to give the experience of what authentic Indian food actually taste like. We’ve reinvented our recipes to be less oily and lighter, achieving the perfect blend of flavor and texture, making them enjoyable without being heavy.

We're moving beyond the common stereotypes of just tikka masala and naan, to elevate the cuisine for its lovers and introduce its varied and rich flavors to those new to it. At SolCurry, we curate an unforgettable dining experience that fuses authenticity with innovation.

Our dishes are inspired by diverse regional flavors, from the aromatic spices of North India to the coastal delights of the South. We're on a mission to transport our guests to the heart of India with every bite, embracing the concept of cloud kitchens to bring you unparalleled convenience without compromising on quality.

With state-of-the-art kitchens, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to hygiene and sustainability, we've redefined the way you experience restaurant-quality meals. Our commitment to quality and source of our ingredients is at the heart of what we do. We exclusively use halal-certified meat alongside the freshest, highest-quality produce and spices.

Our Food

We source the finest ingredients and stay true to time-honored recipes and using a proprietary blend of 30 unique spices enhanced by ingredients like yogurt, limes, cilantro and the quintessential Ginger and Garlic.

Culinary Creativity:
We're constantly exploring new flavors and techniques to surprise and delight.

Meet the dream Team

Dedicated to sharing the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, we are the proud owners of SolCurry by HOUSE OF SPICE . With a deep-rooted love for the culinary traditions of India We've embarked on a flavorful journey to bring the taste of India to San Diego.


Picture a bustling kitchen, the sizzle of garlic hitting a hot pan, and the intoxicating aroma of spices dancing through the air. That's where my love affair with food began, in a world of flavors so enchanting, it became my lifelong passion."

Growing up in Indore, it's impossible not to have a love for food. From indulging in mouthwatering chaats, the Vijay chaat house ki Aloo and coconut ki kachori to starting my mornings with a breakfast of poha and jalebi, everything about the city resonates with the idea that food is the heart and soul of Indore, and naturally, it became a part of my heart too. I was raised in a large, extended family with uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins, so I had the best of everything. I watched my aunts and grandmother prepare lavish meals every day for the entire family. I closely watched them, diligently absorbing the tips, tricks, and nuances of spice combinations. I absorbed every detail, engraving it in my memory. I owe my family a debt of gratitude for patiently waiting as I honed my cooking skills.

Little did I know that I was destined to meet the love of my life, a devoted food enthusiast. In 2005, we arrived in America cradling a 7-month-old baby, with the shimmering American dream kindling hope in my heart. In this new environment, with its unique culture and unfamiliar people, life became challenging, I felt confined, ironically in a place known for freedom, desiring to be more than just a supportive spouse and caring mother. This longing for purpose inspired the inception of a home-based catering business, providing not only a creative outlet but also a newfound sense of productivity and usefulness. Our family blossomed with the arrival of our daughter in 2010, yet an indescribable void remained unfulfilled within me. Pursuing further education in biotechnology at a community college, a serendipitous journey unfolded. I transitioned from laboring in a lab, representing the sales organization to becoming a valued Product Manager. Along this transformative journey, I forged lifelong friendships and garnered invaluable knowledge and experience in the corporate realm of America.

Yet, despite the successes and blossoming career, I still felt unsatisfied deep inside. After contemplative introspection, it became glaringly clear that my soul found its true calling in serving others. With a fervent passion for cooking and a heartfelt joy in witnessing the bliss on faces savoring delightful meals, I resolved to immerse myself wholeheartedly into the restaurant business, embracing a dream interwoven with my passion and the joyous spirit of serving exquisite flavors to people. Looking back now at my life, it's clear to me how the universe orchestrated everything. All the events in my life were leading me to this moment.

Food for me goes beyond sustenance; it's a vibrant cultural expression, an endless canvas for my creativity, and the wellspring of profound joy. It's my ultimate stress-reliever, crafting meals for loved ones, witnessing their pure delight as they savor the flavors, bringing me boundless satisfaction and inner peace. Cooking isn't just a pastime; it's the essence of my being, and every dish I prepare is a heartfelt ode to the senses. Food is my love language, my creative outlet, and my ultimate muse. Join me on a flavor-filled journey that will ignite your soul.

Amplifying this exhilarating journey, I discovered my accomplice, my confidante, essentially my soul sister Archana to join me in this wild adventure. Like it was meant to be, we were destined to meet to continue with one dream. "We chose to let our friendship, which has beautifully unfurled over a decade, blossom further by elevating it to a new venture. Together, we embarked on this business journey, unified by the same spark, dream, and joy found in serving others, coupled with our profound love for the rich culinary heritage of our beloved India."


"Hello, I'm Archana, the mother of two wonderfully mischievous and charming boys. My roots stretch back to the vibrant city of Bombay, now Mumbai, yet love whimsically whisked me away to San Diego. My childhood unfolded in a lively chawl in Goregaon, under the watchful, nurturing gaze of my mother - a pillar of strength, compassion, and independence, who effortlessly became my universe and my most cherished role model. Her teachings crafted me into a woman that I am today. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have blossomed in a melting pot of cultures, where the myriad of flavors from diverse cuisines was generously shared by the affectionate ladies who crossed my path. My persona radiates warmth, positivity, and perhaps a notable dash of boisterousness. Surrounded by friends and family, engaging in heartfelt gatherings, or even losing myself in the enthralling worlds of K-dramas and Bollywood - as an unapologetically filmy girl - brings me immense joy. Much like Geet from 'Jab We Met,' my words flow effortlessly in a ceaseless stream.

"In the cozy nooks of my childhood memories, I find myself nestled in the fragrant kitchen of my mother, aunts, and neighbors, where the alchemy of cooking transformed simple ingredients into dishes brimming with love. It was a world where spices didn’t just add flavor but wove tales of generations; where the grinding of masalas wasn’t just a process but a rhythmic dance of tradition; and where every dish, simple yet exquisitely delectable, was a testament to the unspoken love and care interwoven in its creation. Oh, the heartfelt pride gleaming in my mother's eyes at the utterance of 'so delicious' – it was pure, unadulterated magic! The joy that suffuses me when people relish the food, I prepare is a completeness that words scarcely capture. Cooking, for me, is not merely an activity but a therapeutic journey, a gateway to treasured memories, each entwined with a beautiful story that warms my soul.

Now, embarking on a long-cherished dream of starting my own restaurant, infused with the culinary wisdom bestowed upon me by many, feels almost surreal. Opening my restaurant isn’t just the realization of a dream, but a tapestry of myriad experiences and loving lessons from those who’ve touched my life. Through our food, I wish to take you on this intimate journey, from our kitchen straight to the tender places in your heart, where flavors and memories meld into a tapestry of timeless moments." To me Food is nostalgia, a portal to countless memories, each with a beautiful story. In 2012, I met Namita, and an instantaneous, ineffable connection blossomed between us. Our conversations about food, recipes, films, and all sorts of delightful nonsense flowed with such ease and joy. Nearly a decade of friendship has revealed our shared dream: embarking on a culinary adventure by launching a restaurant. Who better to dive into this endeavor with than she, who is the Laurel to my Hardy, or in our own playful terms, the Vikram to my Betaal? Eagerly anticipating this remarkable journey with my soul sister, my dear, and my perpetual nudger, whom I adore immeasurably, I'm grateful. Thank you, Namita, for entrusting me to be your partner on this splendid path."